Vip Platinum available in Classic Server: 15
Vip Platinum available in Zombie Mod Server: 15
Vip Platinum available in Deathmatch Server: 15
Vip Platinum available in Dust 2 OnlY: 8

Important!!! The Vip Platinum is available on all servers but the reserved slot is only active one the server that is activated the Vip for.You can donate for This type of Vip only by PayPal,E-Pay,or bank transfer.Sms donation is not available for this Vip.
VIP Silver VIP Gold VIP Platinum
Late Spawn
Use spawn menu if you join late.
Yes Yes Yes
Ingame Money
Get extra $$$ at the begining of the 4rd round.
2 K
3 K
5 K
VIP Skins
Use exclusive VIP skins on all servers
Yes Yes Yes
Name Protection
Register your name to prevent fakes
Yes Yes Yes
Cool Tag in Chat
Coloured Vip tag in front of the nick name.
Max Money
Maximum amount of money you can have in your wallet
17.5 K
19 K
65 K
Create Clans
Create a clan to protect your clan tag
no Yes Yes
Manage Clans
Invite members to your clan
no Yes Yes
Anti Team Flash
Flash Bangs from teamates won't affect you
no Yes Yes
Exclusive ZM Classes
Use exclusive classes for VIPS on the ZM
no Yes Yes
More Grenades
Get lots of free HE Grenades for free
no Yes Yes
Health kits
Health kits you can use to regenerate HP
no Yes
3 per map
1 per round
List Admins
Check the online admins with !admins
no Yes Yes
Reserved Slots
Reserve a slot for you
no no Yes

Send a SMS with the code of the desired plan, wait for the reply and follow the instructions

How it works?

To Enter your VIP Panel and activate your VIP Status or get Shop Credits, go and connect to any of our servers to create your password first. Once in the server open the console and type vip_password (Your Password Here). To login in your VIP Panel use your STEAM ID and your password. How to get your STEAM ID, type "status" in the console while you are in any of our servers and look oposite your name,it should look something like this : "Your nick here" STEAM_0:0:1917879440 10:51 50 0 active). Feel free to ask or suggest anything for the mod in the FORUMS.

Thank you.